Meet the designer

Slow fashion designer

The creator and designer of Naiades is Elke. She is inspired by the expression of all things in this universe. Nature and meditation are where she connects with her heart, and where most of her ideas are born. She believes that everything we wear, should be comfortable at all times. All clothing she designs, is comfy on the body, and at the same time expressive and unique. By wearing one of her designs, she hopes that you in return can inspire others around you by walking around confident in your body.

Back in 2012 Elke started selling on Etsy under a different name. She attended a few festivals with her shop and made a lot of orders over the years. She evolved as a person, and after years of making unique designs, she decided to change things up. While she was creating, she was also working a job, studying and trying to maintain some kind of social life. This led to over exhaustion, which after some denial forced her to take it slow for some time. Therefore, by taking a step back, she gained a clear mind to take a leap and follow her dreams into more sustainable fashion. She left Belgium and moved to Spain, where she built her new studio, and started working towards her ideas as she saw it. In that vision, the Naiades label originated, and another seed began to grow by working closer with our planet instead of against it.

Naiades is the Spanish name for Naiads, which are the demi-goddesses of fresh water in Greek mythology. They are deeply attached to their homes, and if a new town pops up near their waters, they will bless it and protect it, as long as the people don’t offend the environment around them. If cared for the earth, their waters run strong and become magical. The water then carries the ability to heal, to inspire and to bring fertility. If their waters run low, they can poison the water and unleash floods upon their enemies.