The benefits of bamboo

The benefits of bamboo

Bamboo is a type of grass and has been used for centuries, especially in Asia, to make every day items and building structures. It's a very fast growing, strong and durable plant and has many benefits for the skin when wearing bamboo apparel.

The benefits of bamboo

1. Sustainable farming

Bamboo can grow in a wide range of climates, from deserts to mountains. It's an extremely strong plant. When there is a strong windstorm, it will bend as needed, but never break.

This grass has a low water consumption, it will hold absorbed water to efficiently sustain in more dry times.

If you've ever wondered which is the fastest growing plant on the planet, well it's bamboo! It can thrive perfectly on its own without any need for chemical pesticides or fertilisers and as a consequence, not polluting the soil.

Bamboo is capable of absorbing a lot of carbon dioxide, while releasing oxygen back into our atmosphere. 

This plant is also good for the soil. The roots will keep their place in the ground after harvesting and rejuvenates damaged soil. Because of their root system, bamboo barely needs to be replanted, as it replenishes itself.

2. Benefits of wearing bamboo clothing

If you have a sensitive skin, bamboo has hypoallergenic properties and is highly anti-bacterial. It is a natural UV-resisting fiber that blocks the harmful UV-rays from the sun and keeps your skin healthy.

Bamboo is extremely soft and has high elasticity. It has thermo-regulating properties and can sustain your body temperature very well. Because of its high absorbency, it can fast take up a lot more water than its weight and keep you dry.

Important note on bamboo apparel!

To spin bamboo into fiber is not an easy process and the fiber is actually bamboo rayon or bamboo viscose. Many people are not aware of this fact that most processes use harmful chemicals that damages the environment, while the final bamboo fiber has lost almost all of its beneficial qualities!

Luckily there are also more sustainable bamboo productions that do try to be as ecological as possible and keeping all those amazing properties in the fiber. I only work with this type of organic bamboo, that has the organic certificates!

3. Multi-purpose plant

Nothing needs to go to waste when harvesting this wonderful plant. Below a list of examples of what bamboo can be used for. You can research yourself if you would like to dig into it's wide range of uses.

Construction, electricity, charcoal, food, textile, paper, cosmetics, biofuel and medicine.


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