I'm always looking for the best sustainable materials of the highest quality. This way I hope to bring more awareness around the world about how big of a difference it makes to Mother Earth. By being a part of the ethical slow fashion movement, you yourself are spreading these seeds around. Every little bit of support helps towards creating more sustainable farms, which uses less pesticides, fertilisers and other chemicals that pollute our waters and the air we all breathe. Because of this, wildlife will be thriving more and vegetation becomes more versatile. 



Most of my fabrics are hand dyed with low impact dyes. While it is still a synthetic dye, it is among the safest ones for the skin. The dye is permanent and only bleeds a little bit in the first few washes. An advantage of working with this type of dyes, is that it uses a very little amount of water. The dye itself bonds with the fibers and even becomes a part of their molecular structure, which also means that less amount of dye stays in the water. When used by a small business, the impact on the environment is very low because the microbes in our soil break the the water down in to molecules that are harmless for the environment.


Below a list of organic fabrics I'm working with. I'll continue to update this list with new ethical fibers when I've tried out more.



Hemp is one of the most strong and durable fibers. It's easy to produce without chemical pesticides because it is by itself natural pest-resistant. This fiber needs little water to grow and nothing from this plant is wasted in the process. It even gives the nutrients back to the soil.

This fiber has a lot of benefits as well. Hemp has UV-resistant qualities and due to its high absorbency, hemp will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.



Bamboo grows fast by itself, without any need for pesticides or fertilisers. It rarely needs replanting, because it naturally replenishes itself. Bamboo uses water in a more efficient way and thus little water is needed.

The strong fiber has great benefits for the skin too. Bamboo is super soft, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and a natural UV-protectant. It has high elasticity and is very absorbent.